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Meet the Founder/Owner
& Queen Quilting Bee

Quilts & More all started in the summer of 1999 with a trip to Billings for Nancy to check out a long-arm quilting machine.  And she grew from a room in the basement of her house doing custom quilting to the inspiring quilt store you all know and love today. 

But REALLY it all started long long before 1999, you can say a thread and needle is what stitched 

Nancy together before she was even born.  Her mother Evangeline ( Vangie) was a highly skilled seamstress and could create anything with a sewing machine and passed her skills to her daughter, Nancy. 

Nancy is exceptionally creative with quilting but also she sewed her wedding dress and her daughter's wedding party dresses.  Her love of quilting started in the late '70s when her mother Vangie and herself started taking adult ed. quilting classes.  Then evolved in the '80s and '90s when Nancy shared her quilting skills with her daughter Julie.  

 Nancy loves the art of quilting and also has a deep love of animals.  If you have been to the store you most likely have met at least one of the store mascots.  She also has always had a love of horses, as you drive in the driveway you might notice one of her horses that love greeting the patrons of the quilt store.


Above all else, Nancy has a passion for her family.  She and her husband of 50 years, Barry have been on countless adventures and built their home together.  They enjoy traveling together and share a fierce devotion to those they love.  They have been blessed with 2 children,  7 grandkids, whom Nancy taught each and every one of them how to quilt, and 2 great-grandkids that are counting down the days that they too learn to

quilt from Grandma Nancy.

Many might see a quilt store that can inspire you to sit down and quilt.

But in truth Quilts and More is a beautiful place of devotion to others. 

A place to pass skills and legacies on to the next generations.

Quilts & More is a place that creates

Enjoyment to Last a Lifetime.

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